We offer an eclectic variety of flavored olive oils and varietal EVOO from all over the world. The new varietals for the current harvest will be available soon. Unfortunately, due to poor weather conditions and drought some of the oils we have previously enjoyed will not be available. However, we are fortunate that there are many producers around the world who have some really great varietal EVOO. All of these oils are tested by an independent laboratory to assure quality and purity. The balsamic vinegars are imported from Italy and are naturally flavored. With the plethora of flavored olive oils and balsamic vinegars we have to offer we are confident that you will find a selection to please any palate.


The Balsamic products are flavorful & thick in consistency; a little goes a long way. I also have some New Organic Fruit Vinegars from California. They are a thinner consistency and great for making light salad dressing or marinade.


The Avocado Oils are available; great for high-heat cooking and have significant health benefits. The Roasted Walnut Oil from France is a very light oil and the Toasted Sesame Oils including Lemongrass Ginger Oil…… is so delicious.


Come, take a look and try some of these delicious oils and vinegars. You will be pleasantly surprised and your imagination will go wild with all the ways you can turn a simple dish into something special…….You can find me at the CNY Regional Market most Saturdays. Hope to see you there.